University Of California San Diego

September 2003 - June 2007

Computer Science, B.S. and Molecular Biology, B.S.



Lab Division

November 2012 - Current

Work in progress.


Yet Another Stealth Startup

November 2011 - July 2012

"Super secret stuff" at a medical genetics company.

Bioinformatics Analyst


December 2008 - December 2009

Investigated emerging viral pathogens in acute and chronic human disease utilizing two metagenomics-based technologies. The first is ultra high-throughput sequencing and the second is the 'Virochip', a pan-viral microarray that is capable of detecting both known and novel viruses in clinical specimens.

Technical Marketing

Riverbed Technologies

August 2008 - August 2009

Investigated and reported on performance with various applications. Worked with partners to create joint solutions and briefs. Analyzed the competitive landscape.


Riverbed Technologies

August 2007 - August 2008

Proposed, designed, and created a framework to measure performance and identify regressions by comparing numerous metrics between builds.

Research Associate

UCSD Biological Sciences

September 2005 - June 2007

Developed and used a novel method for studying circadian rhythms in Neurospora Crassa. Allowed for automated live recording of data rather than error prone periodic observations.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

Microbial Genetics, UCSD

Spring 2007

Organization and function of prokaryotic genetic systems including sex factors, transduction, transformation, phage genetics, transposons, genetic engineering.

Teaching Assistant

Molecular Basis for Human Disease, UCSD

Winter 2007, Spring 2006

An examination of the molecular basis of human diseases. Course emphasizes inherited human disorders, and some important diseases caused by viruses.

Teaching Assistant

Genetics, UCSD

Winter 2006

An introduction to the principles of heredity in diploid organisms, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Grants and Scholarships

Chancellor's and Amylin

Research Scholarships


Scholarships were used to develop an automated system for recording and monitoring N. Crassa growth.